1984 Chevrolet C4 Corvette Coupe
The fourth generation Chevrolet Corvette was introduced at the close of 1982 production as a '84 model and ended in 1996.

The '84 model year was the second highest production year in Corvette history. The 1983 model year was skipped as the new C4 wasn't ready for production through build issues. Forty-three 1983 prototypes were produced but never sold, making the '84 Vette the first of the generation. The C4 officially went on sale in the US in March 1983. This made the model year longer than normal, the prime reason for the high sales figures.

The '84 Corvette was the first complete redesign since 1963, with handling the primary goal and increased interior space, improved outward vision, better aerodynamics and better ground clearance as secondaries. It was also specified car height should be lower and to achieve this, the engine was moved rearward and exhaust routed through the centre tunnel.

The most notable change in the new Corvette's appearance was the overall increase in width. Gone was the C3 Corvette's "pinched-waist" midsection that resided between the flared front and rear guard. The C4 design eliminated this and was replaced instead by a more streamlined contour. The flared guards were still present, but when combined with flat wheels and low profile tires, it gave the car a "hunkered down" appearance.

The overall dimensions of the C4 were actually smaller than its predecessors, but it maintained the appearance of a relatively large car, due to the longer bonnet, forward placed front end and other altered proportions. Overall length was reduced by 8.8 inches despite a mere 2 inch reduction in wheelbase. In line with the improved aerodynamics goal the new design included replacement of the pair of roof t-panels with a one-piece removable targa top.

The '84 Corvette was available only with a L83 350ci 9.00:1 compression ratio small-block engine with an output of 205bhp.

In total 51 547 Corvettes built during the 1984 model year - all coupes.
1984 Chevrolet C4 Corvette Coupe 1984 Chevrolet C4 Corvette Coupe
1984 Chevrolet C4 Corvette Coupe 1984 Chevrolet C4 Corvette Coupe
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